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All brand new vehicles provide manufacturer warranty for a limited amount of time and miles. Once that coverage expires your on the hook for all repair bills. This could mean thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Infinite Auto Protection offers a variety of protection plans which can cover many parts of your car, saving you your hard earned money.

With Infinite Auto Protection, you will be able to drive comfortably without affecting your lifestyle. When you incur a covered breakdown Infinite Auto Protection guarantees 100% payment of all covered repairs less any deductible to the licensed repair facility of your choice.

Our expert team is on standby to help you for all of your vehicle needs. Whether it's a repair or you want to ask for information regarding your vehicle's general maintenance we are happy to walk you through it all. Infinite Auto Protection has the data on hand tell you what your vehicle needs and when.

If your vehicle breaks down, we can assist you every step of the way. All of our plans include towing, rental car, dead battery boost, out of gas rescue, and hotel stay when applicable.

Why require yourself to pay Thousands of Dollars for a repair when Infinite Auto Protection can alleviate that burden? Our agents will be happy to help find the plan that fits both your vehicle and your budget. The options are numerous and we will work to find you the peace of mind you need at the rate you can afford.




We at Infinite Auto Protection undertake a pledge to protect you and your vehicle. The Infinite Auto Protection coverage contract has much to offer. Whether it's a large or small repair, our main concern is for your vehicle to be back on the road in tip top condition.

Infinite Auto Protection has a professional, loyal team of agents, along with skilled vehicle repair experts. We will be here to alleviate your burden. When you're stuck on the road, Infinite Auto Protection will make you feel at home.



Our knowledge is vast. It starts with extensive experience in vehicle repair and continues to the first class treatment towards our members. With Infinite Auto Protection, you can bring your vehicle the repair facility of your choice. We will partner with your mechanic save you money and keep you driving.

Getting a protection plan from Infinite Auto Protection means you're prepared. From towing assistance to rental car, we make sure your emergency is solved with ease.

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