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Whether your car is brand new or well used, you're hopefully taking it in for regular maintenance and repairs. But are you prepared for a sudden repair expense, not covered by car insurance? Here we discuss extended car warranties and answer the question: What does an extended warranty cover?

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How to Get the Best Price For Extended Warranty On a Used Car

The difference between worry and warranty leaves a lot of room for negotiation. When you buy a used car you want to know it will work for a period of time. You need to get a return on both your investment and an assurance of your effort.

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Why You Should Purchase A Service Contract For Your Vehicle

Getting an extended warranty for a new car is like getting extra security on any high-end electronic purchase. Getting an extended warranty for used cars should be no different, but most get stuck on the cost. Chances are you're buying used to get a good deal, but you won't know how good it is until much later.

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2018 Guide to Extended Auto Warranties

If you own a vehicle and don't want to get stuck with unexpected repair fees, you are likely wondering what steps you can take to reduce the risk and achieve peace of mind. New vehicles always come with manufacturer warranties that cover repair fees until a specific date or until your vehicle drives a set number of miles. In most cases, the warranty covers the powertrain and other vital parts of your engine.

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