2020 Guide to Extended Auto Warranties. How to find the right VSC for your vehicle.

Guide to Extended Auto Warranties

2020 Guide to Extended Auto Warranties

If you own a vehicle and don't want to get stuck with unexpected repair fees, you are likely wondering what steps you can take to reduce the risk and achieve peace of mind. New vehicles always come with manufacturer warranties that cover repair fees until a specific date or until your vehicle drives a set number of miles. In most cases, the warranty covers the powertrain and other vital parts of your engine.

Manufacturer warranties don't include things that wear out over time, such as your brakes or windshield wipers. Once your manufacturer warranty expires, you will be on your own to cover any repair costs you might encounter, and they can add up faster than you think. For some people, extended warranties are the answer and put their worries to rest. Learn about extended auto warranties, how much they cost and what you can expect if you get one. Doing so will let you make the right choice for your situation.

Extended Auto Warranty Overview

Getting a basic overview of extended warranties and why people buy them is a good starting point. If you don't want to face repair issues on your own, an extended warranty will activate once the original manufacturer warranty expires. The type of repairs your plan covers will depend on the terms of the agreement, so opting for the right vehicle service contract is critical.

Repair problems that come up at the worst times won't be an issue because you won't need to handle them from your pocket. The extended warranty will pay for most or all of the repair costs. When you sign up for the plan for the first time, you can often choose how long you want the extra coverage to last. When you opt for the right extended warranty for your needs, goals and situation, you will be pleased with the outcome and know you have made a smart move.

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